Portrait of Corey

About me

Welcome to my portfolio, where you will see how I combine my expertise as a creative director, visual designer, and mentor to create exceptional brand transformations. Based in the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, I am passionate about crafting design and creative experiences that establish deep connections with audiences while driving business success.

With a profound understanding of the power of storytelling and visual communication, I strive to go beyond traditional boundaries and deliver innovative solutions that align seamlessly with a brand's values and objectives. I bring a constant drive for pushing limits and a relentless pursuit of excellence to every project I undertake.

Whether it's revitalizing a brand's identity, designing captivating visuals, or mentoring aspiring creatives, my mission is to transform brands into unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact. Join me on this exciting journey of creativity, connection, and business growth.Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together.

Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together.



Design Direction

A proven record of leading the successful development and production of omnichannel campaigns and assets that maximize visibility and engagement.


Player Coach

A Player Coach, mentoring and guiding teams to achieve their full potential, while fostering a culture of collaborative innovation within design teams.


Visual Design

Highly effective in using design principles and brand standards to create design concepts and brand experiences that push creative boundaries and innovations.